Sell Your Vehicle To Hallmark Ford

Sell Your Vehicle

To Hallmark Ford

Trade or Sell Us Your Car for a New One Today at Hallmark Ford in Batesville, MS

If you have a vehicle in Charleston that you want to sell or trade to us in exchange for credit towards one of our new vehicles, this is something that we've made easy for you to do.

The Financing Benefits of Trading In

Here at Hallmark Ford, we are all about getting you the best deal possible on a new vehicle. Accepting trade-ins can give you an even bigger deal than you might realize as well. Unless you are planning on not financing your vehicle at all, there will be interest in the amount that you do finance.

However, you will have less to finance if you instead get money taken off of the final price due to a trade-in. This has a far-reaching effect. The total amount you buy the vehicle for is reduced, but you also reduce the amount you have to finance. This means that the amount that you save is increased even more!

Tax Benefits

On top of the initial savings, you could also receive even more benefits in the form of state sales tax, depending on where you live. This could help you since many states only require taxes to be paid on the difference between the value of your trade-in and the full price of the car you buy.

You don't pay tax on the full price of the car if you trade something in. This means you save on taxes as well in Clarksdale. This only applies if you trade something in, not if you sell it outside of the dealer.

If you want to learn more about how you can gain maximum financial benefit from a vehicle you trade or sell to us in Senatobia, make sure you contact us today. You can also visit us at our location near Oxford, MS, to learn everything you want to know about driving away in your desired vehicle.

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