Audio Engineers Have Perfected the Ford Mustang

When taking a vehicle's design elements into account, sound is one that consumers often miss. However, manufacturers sure don't, especially at Ford. Ford's audio engineers have spent decades tinkering with the sound of a Ford Mustang - how it sounds when starting, idling, and roaring to life.

At Hallmark Ford, we've seen a number of customers just light up when they first hear a Mustang coming alive beneath them. It's truly something magical - the low rumbling is reminiscent of thunder, ocean waves crashing, and anything else nature might throw at you. That sound is something that can now be manipulated to fit your mood, using the Mustang's acoustic exhaust engine.

If you're confused at all by what we're saying, then feel free to pay us a visit here at Hallmark Ford. Our knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to show you just how innovative the Ford Mustang really is. Plus, if you're interested, you can try one out for a test drive!

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