If you want to drive a pickup truck that has great shocks, the F-150 Raptor is a solid choice. This vehicle has FOX Live Valve shocks that are designed with internal bypass hardware.

The bypass technology makes these shocks unique and valuable. On rough roads, the technology activates and optimizes control in a tactical way. As this happens, the F-150's damping capabilities stay consistent by relying on a smart electronic solenoid valve. Thanks to this strategic suspension setup, the shocks are able to make adjustments automatically according to the conditions in an environment.

In Batesville, there are multiple places where you can take advantage of the F-150's off-road capabilities. If you want to experience how this truck performs on traditional roads, consider visiting a dealership for a test drive. At Hallmark Ford, you can accomplish this conveniently as we have a dedicated staff and many new and used F-150 trucks.



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