Take an Adventure in a Ford Ranger

The best adventures take place in rugged outdoor environments. In order to reach these areas efficiently and safely, you'll need to drive a vehicle that has tools for rough terrain. A Ranger is an ideal truck for sandy, dusty, and muddy environments. If you want to shift drive modes while traveling to different areas in the wilderness, this truck has a solution that will suit your habits.

Off-road environments have areas that are flat and zones where surfaces are elevated. While operating a Ranger, you can travel on both types of terrain by taking advantage of its electronic shifting feature. The system has two modes; one setting is for two-wheel drive, and the other mode shifts the truck to four-wheel drive. To change modes during an adventure, you'll need to rotate a knob in the cabin.

During a test drive, you can activate the two drive modes in order to examine how the electronic shift system enhances handling. Convenient test drive opportunities are available at Hallmark Ford.



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