Keep Your Kids Entertained With These Roadtrip Games

Is a family road trip on your to-do list this summer? If you have kiddos hitting the road with you, you will need to keep them entertained if they are stuck in the back seat for hours on end. To prevent the inevitable "Are we there yet" from happening every 10 minutes, here are some road games to help out.

Try to guess a mystery with "I spy." The game is simple: Look at something and say "I spy something with my eyes, something purple." Everyone playing has to look around for something purple and guess what you saw.

Twenty questions is an easy game for kids. Think of a subject, and everyone has 20 questions they can ask to guess the subject. You say yes or no after each question. After each question, players get one guess to see if they know what subject you are thinking about. Play until someone guesses the subject correctly.



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