How to Select the Right Four-Wheel-Drive Mode

When it comes to four-wheel-drive, it is important to know which mode to use on your truck or SUV. To help you out, our dealership has created this brief post on how to use both four-high and four-low settings on a vehicle equipped with four-wheel-drive.

When you encounter rain, snow, wet roads, tightly packed mud, or loose gravel on the road, then you will want to have your four-wheel-drive vehicle set on four-high (4H). This setting will allow you to drive your vehicle normally but, gives you a little more grip on the road. Your vehicle will have better traction with little compromise on performance.

In rough conditions such as heavy snow, thick mud, standing water, river crossings, steep hills or large rocks, you will want the four-wheel-drive vehicle set on the four-low (4L) setting. With the 4L setting, the vehicle will give your wheels more torque. The wheels will spin at a slower speed to help get you through the toughest road conditions.

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