The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Keeps You In Control

Sitting behind the wheel of the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon allows you to take control of cutting-edge driver-assist technology. If you enter a curve too fast, the patented Curve Control feature reduces engine torque and automatically applies brakes to all four wheels to reduce speed.

AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control uses gyroscopic sensors to make instant micro-adjustments to correct wheel slippage, understeer, oversteer or the beginnings of a roll-over, helping you to maintain control on ice or gravel or during storms. Sensors and alarms alert you to a likely collision with visual and audible alarms and pre-charges the brakes to help you stop in time. If action is not taken in time, safety sensors will automatically apply the brakes for you.

Other driver-assist technologies include the Blind-Spot Information System with Cross-Traffic Alert and Lane Keeping assist technology. Eco-mode and EcoCoach monitor driving habits and encourage good driving behavior, leading to better gas mileage. Side-wind stabilization technology is designed to counteract the effect of strong side-winds, helping you to maintain lanes by automatically applying brakes on one side of the vehicle.

Experience this high-tech experience for yourself. Call Hallmark Ford today to schedule a test drive.

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